July 12, 2016

Business Advisory

Our comprehensive business advice and support services are key to the type of firm we are. In addition to covering your basic requirements we will provide you with a complete service to give you practical help.

Business Set-up Services

  • What trading structure to use
  • Cash flow and profit projections
  • Our contacts with banks can help with financing
  • Registering your business and ensuring compliance
  • Advising on your accounting system
  • Registration with authorities and obtaining license
  • Preparation of legal and business contracts
  • Maintaining your statutory books
  • Preparing minutes of all board meetings and AGMs
  • Dissolution of the company

IT & IS Management

  • IT Consultancy Services
  • Software & Business Intelligence

Training & Accreditation

  • Management Courses
  • Financial & Accounting Certifications
  • SAP/Oracle Application Training

Payroll Services

Many of our clients use our payroll service in order to remove this time consuming and costly task from their own workload.

Management Accounts

It is vital that you are able to produce management information in order to monitor your business’ progress. We can assist in making sure that you have accurate and timely information available for making decision.

Projections and Forecasts

When planning the future growth of your business it is important to prepare budgets and forecasts to ensure that you are prepared for any cash flow issues or cyclical variations. Our team can assist you in preparing projections and forecasts.